About Us

Who are we?

You go to school for 12 years.
You go to college for four years.
16 years in ‘the system’ only to discover that you’re grossly unequipped to carve out the life you want. You barely even understand basic finance.

Poor you, learning all about Pythagoras’ theorem when you should have been taught what stock to pick.

All those Shakespearean essays only to have an AI yank the carpet from beneath your feet. Meanwhile, your write-off cousin got rich off the Bitcoin he brought back in 2015. 

Thankfully it’s never too late to pivot toward profitability. I’m here to take you on a journey from basic finance to the wide world of Bitcoin, AI, and breakthrough technologies. 


Shimi Silberg

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the Finance GOAT, empowerment architect, and savior of the masses.
My goal is to inspire a generation of financially literate individuals who can break the chains of financial dependency and forge a path toward financial autonomy. 

While I prefer operating in the shadows, my webmaster extraordinaire is at your disposal.

Shimi Silberg is a true pro, always pushing the envelope on aesthetically-pleasing websites. South African born and bred, Shimi brings a wealth of experience in building and maintaining websites. He believes that together we make magic happen.

A poem from your future self

“I have lots of money.
It’s actually quite funny
So much so, I’m free to come and go.
Got no boss, I roll with the flow
Trading commodities, flipping stocks
Holding crypto, freedom rocks
Living life on my terms
There’s still so much to learn
But I’m blessed
No stress
Lots of money, no strife
Taking chances, living the life”

Financially free and living life to the max