Review: Is It Worth Paying $36 to Upgrade?

You know what they say about marketing. Content is king, right? Or queen if you prefer. Either way, you can’t afford to create content at the snail’s pace of the pre-AI era. Rather, your content marketing strategy needs an infusion of AI to turbocharge your production. But there’s a catch. Fail the AI content detector test and the search engine gods will penalize you silly. In this article, we conduct a Copy.Ai review to determine whether this AI-powered copywriting assistant belongs in your content marketing arsenal. 

Getting Started With Templates

Using is as simple as it gets. You start by selecting a template from a wide array of options that cover various content needs—from blog intros to product descriptions and more. Once you choose a template, you input a short description or a few keywords related to your topic, and the AI goes to work, generating numerous content variations in seconds. This not only saves time but also provides a fresh perspective on your content.

Here is a list of templates that Copy.AI provides:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media bio
  • Outreach email
  • Cold email
  • Twitter post
  • Case study
  • Video script
  • Website copy

Case Study: for Content Marketing

Recently, I decided to put to the test, using it to create an 800-word article on Web3 marketing—a task that would usually take me around 4 hours. To my surprise, churned out the article in just a minute. The speed was impressive, no doubt.

However, despite its quick output, there were a few missing elements in the content that are crucial for an SEO-optimized article. It didn’t provide outbound links to reputable sources, nor did it include graphs and charts. The lack of SEO headings breaking up the text was also noticeable.

Additionally, when I ran the completed article through an AI detector, it scored a 66%, falling slightly short of my target score of 75%.

Case Study: How to Write Social Media Posts with

To create a social media post with, we select ‘social media content’ as the template we want to use, and choose ‘share tips and knoweldge’ to establish ourselves as industry specialists. 

Next, we specify AI as our domain, input the topic ‘how to create content with AI’, and click on ‘create content’. This direct approach immediately produces engaging content tailored for our audience, showcasing the platform’s efficiency. Pricing: Is Free? is free until you hit the 2000-word mark, an offering that allows users to experience its capabilities without immediate investment. Once you surpass that limit, the price comes in at a reasonable $36 per month. Alternatives

While holds its own, there are other potent AI content generators you might consider. Jasper, Writesonic, and Rytr are all noteworthy alternatives, each with its own strengths and distinct features. As always, it’s worth exploring different tools to find the one that best caters to your specific needs and workflow.

4 Essential Tips for Maximizing Copy AI’s Potential

  1. Prioritize Clear Language: While AI copywriting tools, including Copy AI, produce content at lightning speed, always ensure that the resulting language remains clear and devoid of jargon. Be very clear with the desired outcome you wish the AI to achieve. 
  1. Craft Solid Prompts: To obtain quality output, specificity in your prompts is crucial. For instance, rather than asking for “social media posts related to X,” be precise like “10 social media posts related to X tailored for marketing professionals.” Detailed prompts yield more accurate results.
  1. Fact Check Everything: Always verify the content produced by AI. AI models might sometimes produce factually incorrect information or “hallucinations.” So, always cross-check against credible sources, even if Copy AI provides source citations.
  1. Enhance AI-Generated Content with Your Unique Insight: While AI can expedite the content creation process, integrate your expertise, creativity, and personal experiences to enhance the content. Using AI as a supplement rather than a replacement ensures originality and authenticity in your work.

Conclusion: Is Premium Worth it?

In the realm of AI content creation, there’s no magic bullet. Working with AI, including tools like, involves guiding and prompting the AI effectively. While upgrading to premium might enhance your content creation speed, it’s not a substitute for having a coherent AI content creation strategy. It’s a tool that, when used properly, can significantly support your content marketing efforts. But remember, the magic lies in the blend of human creativity and AI efficiency. It’s this partnership that will drive content creation into the future.

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